I wanna try everything

You will see a different me

About Me

Hi,I'm Magic.

I’m a student now.

According to my name,you must know that I love magic very much.

And I believe computer is also an art of magic. It's worthy to know more about computer.

On the other hand, I am also interesting in Game(especially FPS Game),Sports(especially basketball), Parkour, Movie and Piano Music.

And I wanna try to know everything. The world is so Magic,isn't it ?

As for programming, I have learned java、python and some cpp.

why i choose cyber security?

When many people talk about this, they may think it as hacker (really more as cracker).But that's one for me.Be a hacker, be free, to think deep.

On the other hand , that's what I ever read.A Hacker is more like an assassin as the Assassin's Creed.And my favorite : We walk in the darkness to serve the light.

I think that's what white hat like.They work in the cyber where we couldn't see to secure our security.

About this blog

This blog is used to record my life and learning and some magic.

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